26 May 2011

Food Souvenirs

I was just reading this article on Serious Eats, and it of course is very timely.

The main question is: What are your favorite food souvenirs to tote home?

Since I know a lot of lovely, interesting people will read this post, I thought I'd open it up to us, the lovely little community that reads this blog - don't be shy.

Over the years, Team Silvestri has brought back, among other things:
  • a dried poppy seed bulb
  • bryndza cheese and slanina
  • dried mushrooms
  • Cadbury chocolate-covered whole hazelnuts
I think that since we've got such good Italian and fresh markets in Pittsburgh, we never brought anything from Italy as much as we have from Slovakia.  Until I have my own sheep in my backyard, I'll have to keep bringing it back.

How about you, dear readers?


Christine said...

Something I never had time to buy when in South Korea, but really want to share with friends at home, is kimchi chocolate (also, red pepper chocolate, and rice wine chocolate). I tried them all; they're yummy and kind of out there, but they're also not typical Korean snacks. They're more of a touristy thing, and are available in the airports and a few larger stores.

That said, I did bring back black sesame rice and chocolate pies (kind of like a moonpie), green tea with brown rice, and even some whiskey from North Korea (via the DMZ). :)

Kelly said...

If you'll recall, we did a fair amount of smuggling when my mom and I left Italy. Sacred bean seeds were among my favorite. :)