10 August 2012

How I make borscht

Last weekend, we got some Amish beets down around Salisbury, PA.  I should've gotten more, because I love beets.  I could get them at the grocery store, obviously, but these beets are all natural and locally grown, for sure.

Anyway, what better to do with beets (besides eat them plain roasted with just salt or some goat cheese?) than make some borscht?  This is how I make it:
(Click here if you're reading this in an e-mail and can't see the video.)

09 August 2012

How to make tombet

Based on what I hear from loyal readers IRL, my food posts are popular (shoutout to the Uniontown crew!).  So instead of posting all of the other things I eventually want to write and share, I made a video of how to make one of my favorite Mallorcan dishes: tombet.  This dish is everything that makes Mallorcan food so great - it's rustic and very tasty.  There are only a few ingredients: flour, olive oil, tomato puree, potatoes, red pepper, eggplant and zucchini (zucchini is apparently more of a post-modern addition, but if you've got it in the garden, you can only make so much zucchini bread, right?).
It's kind of a lot of prep work, but that can be eased with a mandoline slicer and a helper, and the effort will reward your taste buds infinitely. 

(Click here if you're reading this in an e-mail and can't see the video.)

The music accompanying the video is by a contemporary Mallorcan folk group, Caliu