25 May 2011

Final Snippets from Iceland

Back to Iceland, because I'm still processing some of it in my head.

First, the following postcard, which I picked up at the airport, though the series is also on billboards, advertising the Landsbanki, which was involved in Iceland's current financial crisis:
What is even more compelling is the note on the back:
So never tell more than one person your secrets; preferably keep them to yourself altogether, to be on the safe side.  News and gossip have always travelled fast among the small population of Iceland.
*cough cough Rusyns cough*

While we're making comparisons of Icelanders and Rusyns, I'll post the following, especially for my aunt who has made this alternate history narrative in which Our People came from Scandinavia on their way to the Mediterranean to escape the long cold winters and got stuck in the Carpathians.
For finding the Icelandic branch of our family.  No Italo-Icelandic branch exists.

And finally, while we're thinking about escaping the long, cold nights, while my mum insists it wasn't dark at all when we were there, I'd say it was dark, just not while we were awake.  Here's the May page from the 2011 Icelandic Almanac:
So on the day we were there, it was dark for only about 4 hours.  It would seem that if you're not used to it, it really does kind of mess with the old body clock.

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