27 May 2009

Panelák photography

This is a great online exhibit from lensculture.com taking a look inside paneláks -- the huge apartment blocks that can be seen in all the cities in the former Eastern Bloc.  Lots of people think of them as huge, impersonal eyesores, which they kind of are, but really I like to think of them as huge 'bookshelves' of human potential -- so much human potential is stored inside of them, what would happen if all of the human potential inside of them reached a higher spiritual plane? 

From the statement:
No, the inhabitants of these Slovakian prefabricated buildings probably do not behave as uniformly as might be suggested by the exterior of the omnipresent high-rises filling the suburban landscape. Built with the intention of providing affordable housing for everyone, this industrial mode of construction quickly became synonymous with a highly anonymous lifestyle, devoid of any individuality. ... Who are these people in these prefab buildings? Is there a prevailing type, perhaps even a prefab person?
 Full disclosure: I live in a panelák and really rather love it.

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