28 March 2009

You Only Live Twice ... or so it seems

If you read this via e-mail, consider going through to the website so you can get the embeded Youtube videos.

1. I don't say this lightly, but people who do reallyfast downhill skiing like in the Olympics should perhaps be under some kind of psychiatric supervision.  Because they are a little bit crazy.

2. Imagine Bridget Jones (specifically, Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason aka Bridget Jones 2). Of course, there's a lot of her in all of us women -- right down to the control top underwear... Alas. I was almost totally her today -- not quite, but almost:
I know the video's in Spanish, but just the visuals suffice. 
Thank God I had someone with me with saintly patience, and eventually I almost got the hang of it.

This is me concentrating really hard and also trying to calm myself down with the thought that if I keep perpendicular to the slope, I'm not actually going down it.

It was at about this point (taken later) that I really started to freak out -- I could see the bottom,
but before this point everyone stops and takes a break.  When I asked why everyone was stopping ahead, the response was "you'll see".  I only went down this part once, which was kind of my baptism by fire.

However, an upside to all this is that I will have quite hot legs and other relatively toned body parts.  Which is, as Martha would say, a good thing.  But it goes without saying, this was certainly not me:
"So does England." Ahhhh. I melt. Ok, enough Bond for one post.
Point is, this was not me today.  I will have to put off my spying for the future, if it requires expert skiing ability.
Now the whole wide web knows one of my (now not-so-secret) infatuations.
And for the record, I do like Roger Moore as 007.

3. If you know me well enough, you know my love for Krynica knows no bounds. It's as beautiful in the winter as it is in the summer.  I Krynica.  Maybe I'll make myself a t-shirt.

Here insert some joke about here's why all the dinosaurs died in the ice age / evolution is a joke and humans lived at the same time as dinosaurs / etc.  Contest in the comments section!?

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