19 March 2009

This Week at the Convent: Two Dialogues

At lunchtime, everyone’s coming in and out so it’s a rather dynamic time of day.  This week, because of her schedule, the superior general was there for lunch twice:

SG: Hi Maria!  Dobrú chuť!
Self: Thanks, you too!
SG: So, have you become Slovak yet?
Self: [opening the question to others present] I don’t know, what do yinz think?
Sr: Maybe not Slovak, but you’ve definitely become Rusyn!
Self: Hah! Even worse!
[laughs abound]
(Here I should mention that 3 people died this week with some kind of connection to the Order, so they were busy organizing cars to go to various funerals.)
[A few of us are eating lunch.  SG, who is finished, gets up to leave.]
SG: Dovidenia, sisters.  … And Maria too, of course.  You’re almost one of us anyway, are you sure you don’t want to join us?
Self: Not right now, thanks.
[The way I said it was kind of funny to them, so laughs abound.  Various joking comments about me getting married happen, and I jokingly assert my independence.
Enter one of the older sisters who is really quite cool and very sweet.  We have many discussions about food, and she worries/wonders a lot about what I cook when I’m in Prešov.]
Older sister: Look at all of this snow! 
[There’s practically a blizzard outside, which is causing great annoyance to everyone, because the snow had previously been mostly melted and also because the weather’s been nuts – snow, sun, and rain all in the same day.]
Self: I know; I’m ready for it to be spring!  And you’re traveling to Stará Ľubovňa for that funeral tomorrow, right?
Older sister: Yes, did you want to go?
Amazing VP: We’re giving you all kinds of great offers today, aren’t we?
[Laughs abound.]
[Self exeunt.]

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