19 March 2009

Fašiengy in Oľšavica

It's a bit late to be posting about fašiengys, since we're in the complete middle of Lent already, but I just came across these and had to share.  These are two news stories from Oľšavica, Špiš:
  • Markíza: scroll down to #6 on the list below the video.  This one is about 5 minutes long and has great music and really shows how it's the young people who are leading the party and setting the pace -- similar to the fašiengy I was at in Jakubany.  There's also the added benefit of an anthropologist explaining the traditions and actions as they show them.
  • TA3: This one is shorter, but also very good and worth watching -- boost the page view count!
Alas, Rusyn customs shown on Slovak television -- a good thing.  We've got to get in the habit of calling the news stations when doing Rusyn activities -- because when people see these types of things and see other people self-identifying as Rusyns, it'll boost our head count and we can have us some more fist-pumping Rusyns.  In 2001, out of 327 total residents in Oľšavica, only 35 said Rusyn was their first language.

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