15 November 2008

More Rusyns in the News: Winemaking Version

This blog has the potential to get more and more self-referential the more I write -- postmodernism is dead, long live postmodernism!

A few weeks ago, I discussed the general process of sauerkraut making and posted the following picture:
I found out later that ironically, it had been caught by someone's e-mail filter as being inappropriate. If that's the case, I'm going to be inappropriate, again! Like Berlusconi! (The connections keep making themselves -- yay for hypertext!) Except this time, the picture really goes with the theme!

The other day I posted a news item that had to do with Rusyns in the news -- usually when Rusyns are in the news here, it's newsworthiness borders on teh Fark. This item is no exception!

From Ananova, 12 November:
A woman who plummeted 100ft from her ninth floor apartment had a lucky escape thanks to a giant vat of grapes.

Lumilla Vasko's fall was cushioned when she landed by chance in the huge container of fruit, Ananova reports.

Police called to the apartment in Uzhgorod, Ukraine, said the 29-year-old was "very shocked" by the incident. The grapes had been harvested from a nearby vineyard and were waiting in the vat to be crushed.

"She was still sitting in the vat of squashed grapes when we got there," a police spokesman said, adding: "But doctors examined her and said she was absolutely fine apart from the shock. The grapes cushioned her fall.

"She saved the winemakers a bit of work as well in the process because she crushed most of the grapes when she landed on them."

Important questions not answered: How/why did she fall? Where in Užhorod are there vineyards so close to a panelák? Will this newsworthy event take the attention away from the other stuff that's going on there (scroll down for English items, or better yet, try using Google Translate)?

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