09 November 2008

Kapušany castle

Right before sunset began in earnest

This was such a beautiful walk -- the trees are already bare, but the leaves on the ground smelled great and made a lovely rustling noise underfoot and the leaves on the ground and bare trees made it seem like we were walking on an upsidedown Earth.

At one time, there were at least 7 floors -- and it is perched on a cliff. Amazing to think of how they got the bricks, sandstone, and other stone up there in 1410. It was also really fun to climb all up and around on the walls, go through old doorways... Unfortunately my interior pics didn't turn out quite as well as I'd have liked.

Plus, the added benefit of all of this was to go to this castle, because every time I've ever passed it in a car or bus I've wanted to start singing.

The theme of the day was kind of castilliar, because later we watched the movie Dragonheart. The major reason to watch this is because it is filmed on location in Slovakia -- there are especially great scenes with and in Spiš castle and Slovenský raj.

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