02 November 2008

Better than I could explain it

Here are three short articles about English as a global language that really describe the direction I'm thinking towards. I've written about this before, but never felt I explained what I really meant.
  • English Die Soon. "My American English, which I grew up speaking in an accent that matched what I heard on National Public Radio and 60 Minutes, is already difficult for many English speakers to understand." and "I like to play with language, and it’s hard to be quite so ludic when language is a tool and nothing more."
  • Economies of Language. This exactly defines what I've been thinking about. Time to go rewatch some Firefly to brush up on Chinese skills...
  • The Church of Please and Thank You. EFL teachers spreading the gospel of English + Anglophone culture -- oh wait, that's me.
While putting this post together, I realized I haven't written too much about it -- I've only been thinking about it a ton and I thought I had already done it. Alas, now I can consider it done (for now).

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