26 September 2008

Two pieces of paper

I'll leave it up to you to figure out what correlation they have, if any. To me, they show interesting facets of culture, society, and law.

The top paper was stuck into an egg carton. It explains the coding system that is printed on every egg shell, noting quality and country of origin. For years, I've admired how Europeans document and clearly display in the grocery stores exactly where their food comes from -- I think it helps consumer awareness on multiple levels ("Where and who are the migrant farmworkers picking my grapes?" and "Gee, maybe I shouldn't buy this powdered milk product from China").

The bottom paper is a receipt (with the omnipresent pečiatka - seal - proving its originality) from the Slovak Railway company that says I went to the bathroom and paid for it (is there a pun in there somewhere?).

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