28 September 2008

Keep Your Hand on the Plow

To some extent, it's very repetitive to keep asking Slovaks about the Roma, because usually there are no surprises. But there are as many answers as there are people, so it's still interesting.
Finally, though, someone here said something I've been waiting to hear from someone, anyone here:
"You Americans equate the situation of the Roma here with your Civil Rights Movement."
This wasn't said in a completely positive context, but it shows a lot of insight. And by giving it a name, the situation is acknowledged. In our so-called post-racial society, the struggle for civil rights continues. It continues in America, it maybe has yet to begin here (all over Europe). It continues everywhere, all the time, because we are human. Cultures can be different, but the issues remain the same. When Silvio Berlusconi recently made anti-Roma comments and especially anti-Roma policy, (it's definitely racism) can we not also consider it a form of apartheid?

I'm still thinking about this, but I invite your thoughts.

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