23 September 2008

Kružok Question

If I were tiny, I would…
If I were invisible, I would…

I was thrilled with the excellent, enthusiastic responses I got for this one. For example:
If I were tiny, I would…
• Watch TV like in a cinema
• Eat crumbs
• Eat a big strawberry all my life
• Live in a wolf’s ear (or a wolf’s eye, I’m not quite sure)
• Make a video about little life
• Climb a mountain of sugar
• Make a group of other tiny people
• Swim in a teacup
• Sleep in a nutshell
• Fly on a leaf
• Live in Axl Rose’s hair / a beehive

If I were invisible, I would…
• Scare other people
• Rob a bank
• Be smelly
• Listen to adults talk
• Get a new look
• Observe my lover (this kid is really funny, and I love the language)
• Help the police
• Go on the bus free / go to the cinema for free
• Not wear clothes (the first answer was ‘be natural’ which I understood, they revised it)
• Visit the zborovňa (zborovňa is the teacher’s room, which is a highly mysterious place for the students, who never enter it – they only stand at the door and try to look around the teacher standing at the door. Usually this is averted by a teacher posted outside during all of the breaks, who comes in and announces who one of the students want to talk to by calling out the teacher’s last name). Sometimes the kids get agitated when I'm the teacher at the door, because then they have to ask for whatever it is they want in English. ;)

I forget which scholar it was who said that the way we think is really influenced by whatever our native language is – so the insight I’m getting on language is beyond fascinating because it proves how absolutely creative language is. One of the results of being so lost in translation is that I’m feeling so much more poetic.

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