18 September 2008

Dialogue: Holy Rollers

I was on the phone this afternoon with Peggy and the buzzer for the door rang. Of course I wasn't expecting anyone, but I saw two people through the peephole. Really, I shouldn't have even opened the door, but one never knows.

One lady in a long skirt and turtleneck, one man in a hat. I could read the Slovak on the pamphlet as she pointed to it -- the word 'koniec' - which means 'end' was very clear -- and knew exactly what was going on.

Self: Prvý, nehovorim po slovensky. - First off, I don't speak Slovak.
(And I knew as I was saying it that it wasn't going to work.)
Lady: But I speak English.
(With, suprisingly, an American accent! How could this be possible?)
Man: You have no interest? (Again, an American accent! Coincidence? I think not!)
Self: No, I'm a quite happy Catholic already. (The truth.) Good day.

[Post-socialist neocons exeunt.]

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