18 September 2008

Baking a Cobbler

I really don't normally bake. It seems to be the sort of thing you either do or you don't, and since no one really baked around me when I was growing up, I'm not especially comfortable doing it. It's not particularly relaxing for me. But why not, I thought -- so I put some revolutionary music on, sang along, and endeavoured to bake, because I had way more fresh from the tree apples, pears and plums than I could possibly eat, so I decided I would make something with them (thanks Petra's family!). I thought a dainty cobbler with a nice dainty crumbly top would be really excellent.

But I think I maybe put a bit too much baking powder in, and/or maybe had totally too much because I converted to metric the wrong way, and I ended up with mighty behemoth cobbler. But it's definitely edible and also solved my problem of not being able to eat everything before it got bad. My other idea was to really go native and make compote, but I held myself back. I still may... Plum compote? Part of me can't even believe I'm even thinking about this, let alone actually baking of my own accord, but on the other hand, it kind of feels nice.

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