02 March 2007

Fundació Miró

Miró puts me in a mood. I don't particularly enjoy his work, nor did I really want to go to the museum. Mum wanted to go, and I had no idea that she liked Miró so much! One of the amazing things about travelling with her is that I find out little tidbits from the past:

Mum: I remember the first time I saw Dalí; it blew me away.
Self: Really? When was that?
Mum: I think in the early sixties in Washington.
Self (thinking): Damn. That is amazing.

So, with the trend of our Catalan Surrealist heroes, some things by Miró I did like:

Mont-Roig, l'eglèsia i el poble. 1919, oil on canvas.

Maybe the pattern emerging is that I generally prefer somewhat objective works. And peacocks.

This gallery invitation was signed by all of the main Surrealists.

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