27 May 2011


After catching the bus in Carlisle, we arrived at Bowness and the B&B keeper was waiting for us at the door. We're staying in a converted former Methodist chapel.
We went to the trailhead to scout it out, and then had some dinner at the King's Arms pub - wonderful people, really. The owners, in the middle of taking care if other customers, answered all of our questions about, for example, tidal flooding. Scotland is just across the Solway Firth estuary.
They have a pig named Joe, who is a pet and who is at least as long as his girth, and has quite long hair.
Perhaps the highlight was their guestbook, of walkers starting or ending- I may post some excerpts later.
We also got our passports, to be stamped along the way - I have a feeling it may become one of my dearest possessions.
Tomorrow morning we set off on bikes for the first day.

Solway Firth watercolor from one of the guestbooks

This cartoon is hanging in our B&B.

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