11 August 2009

Evening in Vienna

So I've blogged before about visiting Vienna in the evening before returning back to the US -- I think it's a good idea, because it helps me transition and reacclimatize myself to big city life.

On the train, I talked with a French guy who was at a Red Bull festival somewhere near Užhorod -- crazy!  He talked about looking for his tribe -- which is exactly what so many people are trying to do these days, and I feel I've found mine -- because I was born into it.  He also had good tips for surviving in cities at night and had slept 2 nights somewhere in the park near the Košice train station.  Unbelievable if you know the territory -- one night police stopped him, but they let him be after he flashed his French passport.

I must visit the Secession building whenever I am in Vienna.
Ok, so call me what you will, but I am about to describe something that is subsidized (public-private) for the greater common good.  City bikes in Vienna (I've also seen this in Paris and know it exists elsewhere) where for 1euro you can rent a bike for an hour -- and they're hella hipster fixies that are quite hardy.  So I rode from Mariahilferstraße down to the Secession building and then returned the bike at Museumsquartier, had a beer there and walked back to my hotel.  Excellent -- cf. here for more me renting a bike and enjoying it immensely.
Lively nightlife at Museumsquartier -- excellent atmosphere.
What, this is a McDonalds?  Still, thanks but no thanks.
Instead, I had a bratwurst.  With the delicious bread that comes from this part of the world which I won't have until I return.

And all of this happened for less than 10euros -- so if you're on a budget, you can still do all of this, even with the insanely priced beer here.

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