31 July 2009

A visit to Zyndranowa (Зындранова)

I've got lots of photographic treasures from this visit, which unfortunately I'm not going to post all over teh intarwebs.  But here are some:

Gocz is really into militaria, and this is a kind of cool non-killing artifact.  
It's a travelling buffet, with built-in stove underneath and chimney on top. 
In the event you were considering thatching the roof of your house, here's how you do it.

This is quite possibly the most powerful thing at the site, and a valuable piece of interpretation in a museum where there isn't much.  It's a quote from Pavlovyč (buried in Svidník), saying "...here I want to live, die, where my father and mother lived."

A little-known cause of the Cold War.  
Yes, undeniably there was a lot of political conflict, military tension, and economic competition -- 
but back when we were still friends, we shipped the USSR Chef Boyardee.

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