31 July 2009

(Disturbing) Politicized Billboards, Or, How complicated politics can be.

While visiting Subcarpathia last month, I noticed two rather disturbing and undeniably politicized billboards.  Not sure which is (worse), so I'll just start with the Ukrainian übernationalist one:

It's not too good of a shot, because we were trying to get shots of it from a moving car. But the text is:
Христос босрес! Боскресне Украïна!
 Беселнх свят у своïн, богом данiи краïнi
 This one we saw in a few places, mostly in the countryside and not in Užhorod, mostly around Perečin and Mukačevo.  
It's commemorating the 70th anniversary of the short-lived Nazi puppet state Carpatho-Ukraine.  
That's priest-president Augustin Vološin there.
If you're curious about Vološin and Carpatho-Ukraine, the place to go is the museum in the castle in Užhorod.  They've got a great display of the local tradition of autonomy (without being very overt about it) and the last room is all about AV, to the point of it seeming a bit cult-of-personality-esque.
  Propaganda from the Carpatho-Ukraine period -- strong visual culture.

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