19 June 2009

Rant: Public Transportation

For a city of it's size, Prešov has an amazing public transportation system.  Usually, we get along really well.  Not today.

I got on a bus I swear was a 38 -- usually a bus I avoid taking, but for once I had to go somewhere that the bus stops right in front of -- the statue of Alexander Duchnovyč.  Turns out, the bus was an 8 -- I don't know how this happened, that I got on the wrong bus, except that my mind is more often than not elsewhere.  I was late to my appointment because I had to walk from the center to the river, it was only 9:30am but already hot and sticky.

I went home, and on my way back to the center in the afternoon, I grabbed a 32A, which didn't stop at my stop, which I wasn't expecting because one almost never has to request stops here, but this bus didn't even have buttons -- until I saw the button on the roof of the bus!  Not the first place I'd look.

Finally, on my way home, I thought I'd take a chance and skip on the ticket, because I didn't have a chance to buy one since my bus came right away, and it was after 8pm and and and... I got caught without a ticket.  This is hugely annoying.

[Screams and exeunt.]

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