03 June 2009

Gulaš Party

So Monday was International Children's Day, which the kids had off from school because our principal rocks, and the faculty and staff celebrated by going to a chata outside of the city and having a gulaš party, which is the most Slovak thing that we could have done.  The gulaš vat, as you can see, is a rather ingenious, self-contained and free standing piece, with a firebox at the bottom, and then a vat that sits inside and over the fire like a double boiler, plus it's own little chimney.  We had enough gulaš so that all of us (around 30 people) had 2 servings of it, plus then 20 sisters at dinner that night, and then as a snack Tuesday at school.  Excellent.

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Amy Ferchak said...

Hey, what are the translations of "chata" and "gulaš" ? Park and stew? Looks like you had a great time!