13 March 2009

A good pun

The sisters occasionally, though with slightly more frequency, and perhaps coinciding with my increasing at-hominess, gently tease me by calling me their postulant (which I guess is not so bad) or (even more seriously) novice. Usually I deflect this by commenting on my mildly rebellious nature, which is slightly lost on the Slovak character. I was talking with my mom last night on the phone, and I said (because, even though I am really happy there, I have no intention of entering the religious life and often consider the experience to be a sort of participant observation), "I hope they don't get into the habit of calling me that." And she groaned ... get it?
(Puns and quick wit are things I miss and tend towards craving because I don't often speak English with native speakers, and the American+British TV I occasionally watch is rather one-sided as far as communication goes. We can add sarcasm to the list, too. Seriously, thinking and communication is quite pragmatic here.)
But, back to the convent, Amazing VP said it best when we were talking the other day about how she could introduce herself (in English), and she said, "In our convent we have 23 sisters and one Maria." Rather perfect description.

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Anonymous said...

Love everything about your blog, dear Maria.......from the sound of music in your heart to the photos of the food that sings to your soul.