25 February 2009

Last weekend

So, a quick photo essay about last weekend, when my aunt and uncle visited Slovakia for the first time!

Thursday, I we went all around Prešov, sampling food and drink at some of the best spots. Friday, we visited our relatives in Svidník, and then went to Ladomirová, Bardejov and Krynica (passing two wooden churches along the way, one in Tylicz).
Ice sculpture in Krynica. It's one of those places I feel comfortable and happy being a tourist.

Statue of Nikifor in Krynica.

So we kind of started to freeze in Krynica, because it was really cold there, and so we went to a restaurant where I'd eaten before to get some tea, vodka and soup. This created one of the most notable miscommunications/lost in translations I've ever been party to. They were out of borscht (a cardinal sin in Poland, imho), so I ordered one cabbage and potato soup, and then the proprietress suggested another soup, saying "It's good, have it." This turned out to be tripe soup. Tripe is something I've learned to love since being here, but none of us expected it Friday evening.

Saturday afternoon at Drienica.

Saturday afternoon we went to the spa village of Vyšné Ružachy, where there was a karneval going on that included some dog sled races -- the dogs were beautiful. Below, the burbling travertine pool of mineral water, some 30m deep:

And finally, on Sunday, the greatest treat of all -- a visit to Skalnaté Pleso and this clear view of Lomnický štít. Breathtaking.

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