19 November 2008

First Snow

The windows in the room where I sleep are like skylights on the roof of the building. Having grown up in a house with three excellent skylights, I know with minor dread the exact light conditions which mean that I have woken up to snow. Immediately when I woke up this morning, I knew it had snowed.

But Ružomberok looks beautiful with the pine-covered hills dusted with the perfect amount of snow. The thing is, everyone was like, "Let's go outside!" (including one of my colleagues, who added, "I'm like a kid when it snows!") and I was like, "Thanks, but no thanks! I'd prefer to be under a paplon right now!"

Lunch was amazing, as usual -- the second plate was lievance, which are pancakes + jam. Everyone was kind of curious when I said that this is something we eat for breakfast... But they are cooked in a special pan which makes them all cutely uniform.

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