16 October 2008

Amuse bouche

Because of the incredible kindness of others, it's highly inaccurate to say I'm living off the economy. Along those lines, I've been eating so well it seems I'm filling out a bit... On the other hand, potatoes are 50¢/kilo and I love them, buy them often and eat them even more often.

Yesterday at lunch, there was a big deal about the soup. Everyone was like, "tell us how you like the soup, it's our favorite omgzIhadthreebowls!!!" I look into the tureen, see what look like Bob Evans big fat 'merican noodles, hear držký (try saying that!), and understand tripe. Alas, it was really good, I really liked it, and even had a second ladle. The second plate was macaroni and some cheese with bacon and potatoes -- amazing.

This weekend at Petra's I had some homemade bacon. There are few pleasures better.

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Anonymous said...

Any of the soups you enjoyed called "machanka?" A slightly thin stew! (slightly thicker than the Spanish soup in my upper-Manhattan 'hood).

My mother used to make machanka (probably because her mother did) so I ordered it once on main-street Presov as an appetizer. Not smart. Had to force down a seafood entree called "halibut." Really? Halibut? Over-fished and served this far inland? I'm an easy con.