19 September 2008

vlog: Globalization at the supermarket

I'm experimenting a bit with vlogging!
(For best results, view the blog on the webpage, because Flash does not work with most e-mail clients.)

Andy Warhol famously said, "I come from nowhere." Since Andy Warhol's roots are in NE Slovakia, I am currently nowhere. But it's hard to feel remote when I can buy anything I'd ever want and then some:

Food, Globalized in NE Slovakia from Maria Silvestri on Vimeo.


Matt said...

nicely done! i may have to give a try to vlogging.

Anna said...

"sensitive portrayal of an ethnic group" lololol... you're killing me! i miss you so much - you are so obscenely cute and when did your hair get so long and have your ears always been pierced? i can't remember. it's lovely to see you in action! more please!

Chuck L said...

We have those rice bags here in USA . . . but yeah, I'm glad we don't carry that brand!