06 September 2008

Thinking About Accessibility

...because it doesn't really exist here.

Today, I was waiting for a bus, and a woman in a wheelchair came to the bus stop. The bus came, and I thought, "hm, maybe someone is coming to help?" but when I got on the bus, and thought about it, I quickly came to the realization that none of the bus entrances were remotely accessible. I'm not sure if she was actually waiting for the bus, but if she was, I don't know how she could have gotten on.

Because of my museum geekitude, I thought back to yesterday, when I went to the Šarišská Galéria. No elevator down to the pivnica (basement) or up to the first floor, or even to most of the ground floor because the gallery is in a 17th or 18th century building. Any renovations that may have been done don't include ramps or elevators at all. Nor were the labels large enough for someone with visual impairments.

Most sidewalks have ramps, but I think most of Europe has a long way to go on this issue.

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