12 June 2007

today + television

About 1pm, while we were eating lunch (rabbit! -- the little rabbit foot part is well worth having to look at for the excellent meat, and you just kind of pick up the spine and get the meat out from around the vertebrae), the oldschool socialist speakers came on. They're kind of like the adults in the Charlie Brown TV specials, because you really can't understand what they're saying.
Nonetheless, right after lunch I was helping in the garden, and Petra's grandmother comes in the front gate. I hadn't even realized she was gone, but she's super fast. She had something over her shoulder, and Petra's mom was talking to her about it, but I didn't understand. It turns out, the announcement was that the people selling chickens were there, and Petra's grandmother went and bought two chickens! One is 2 years old and will be good for eating, and the other one is crazy looking because it's missing half it's feathers and is only one year old. It seems to be not liked by the other chickens, I was watching them this afternoon.
This evening, we watched this drama that takes place in the gynecology department of a hospital. At one point, the one doctor is so drunk that they have to call in another doctor from home to do an emergency c-section, because he's plastered. Obviously, this can happen in Slovakia, not on ER or whatever... At one point, they're basically delivering a baby, and not much is left to the imagination -- this is rather effective birth control, I think, because the whole process does not seem very enjoyable. Then, this other doctor's son was like an orderly in the same department as this other doctor who she had had an affair with, and it was some sort of problem. There was also an anorexic girl who was sedated immediatley after she screamed that she wasn't anorexic. Overall, a very engaging drama.

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