17 June 2007

Sárospatak and work

On Friday, we went to Sárospatak, Hungary. It is quite possible that they're going to start recognizing me at the border, because by the time I leave Slovakia, I will have crossed there 3 times! At Sárospatak, they have hot springs and swimming pools. Though Kisvárda was entirely Hungarian in clientele except for us, Sárospatak was entirely full of people from Slovakia! Yes, comparisons are odious, however the inevitable comparison becomes Kisvárda or Sárospatak.
  • Both are very clean.
  • Both have multiple excellent pools to use.
  • Equally good, but different, lunches in both places.
  • Kisvárda is a bit smaller, and when we went there were not a lot of people, which was nice because Sárospatak was kind of full -- but we were in Kisvárda on a Thursday and Sárospatak on a Friday.
  • Sárospatak is much closer to Veľaty.
In general, I'm on the fence about it, because both of them were really nice.

The funniest thing though is that at Sárospatak, they have in the hot springs pools shallow areas where you can just recline in a few inches of water. None of the hot springs pools are that deep, they're all 3 feet or less deep, but Sárospatak has these shallow areas where they also have bubbles coming out of the water for a massage effect. These areas are very popular with senior citizen groups, and either you have to knock 3 babas off the bubble things, or get there very early in the morning. This is because they stake out their spots the second they get there, don't move, and wait for the bubbles to come on for a few minutes every half hour or so. Petra also said the ones in question were speaking Rusyn, thus amping their potential pushiness exponentially...

It's actually very exhausting to sit in warm pools all day, though I also tried to aid my circulation by going into the big swimming pool also, which was quite warm, too. Then, yesterday, all kinds of stuff had to be done.
In the morning, I watched Petra's mom make kolači (this is like a general word for baked goods) with lekvar (prune) and cottage cheese, which are like my favorite things ever. Then she also made a roll with poppy seeds inside too. These were both amazingly wonderful, but especially the lekvar and cheese tarty things. For lunch, we had halupki that we'd made before we went to Hungary.

After also doing some laundry, it was crucially important to pick the sour cherry trees. So, we picked sour cherries, and I'd already washed jars, so the cherries were picked, sorted, and canned in the space of about an hour and a half. This was quite wonderful, and will be used in compot later.

It was a really busy day, and I was really tired. Saturdays are the busiest day, and as Petra's mom said, if you're not working, you think the world's going to end.

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