19 June 2007

Not in any order

Today, Petra's mom and I went to Košice. It was like a very long practicum in Slovak, because Petra's mom doesn't speak English, though she does speak German, but I don't. However, she's really fun and we had a good time.

This is the bus station in Trebišov. Petra's dad dropped us off here on his way to work, and then picked us up here on his way home. You wait at different stalls depending on where you're going, and pay the driver for your ride.

This is the view from the balcony on Petra's house, which faces the street, but this picture is behind the house. It's a rainbow after an afternoon of rain here, which thankfully we missed while we were in Košice.

Speaking of bad weather, this was a hail storm last week. The blurry parts along the right are the pieces of hail bouncing off of the roof.

This is the train station in Košice./This is what some Slovak trains look like.

Now, for some interesting details about architecture. The following building is, I think, perhaps 19th c. Most of center city Košice is either Baroque or Art Nouveau, which goes very well together, actually. This particular building is where the Slovak president Edvard Beneš lived for some period of time in 1945, but the roof is similar to that of Stephensdom in Vienna, and also the Roman Catholic cathedral in Košice. They're in the process of restoring the roof on this building, and the first picture shows the finished product.

This second picture shows what's beneath the tiles. It's like racks on which the tiles are hooked, it seems. Amazing, when you begin to consider how many tiles are needed for a roof.

Ok. It's almost time for my serial, Ordinacia, to start.

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