16 May 2007


Ironically, as I pack, Rick Steves' Three-part Travel Skills Special is on WLIW Create. I am not usually a big Rick Steves fan, but last winter I saw the second part detailing packing, and I was inspired. Even last summer, I took way too many clothes I ended up not wearing or needing. When we went to Catalonia, I was able to carry on, but since it was such a short trip, it didn't involve much thought: three pairs of pants, two pairs of shoes, enough tops and underwear. Now, I'm packing for a six-week trip, much of it on the move. In anticipation, I've invested in a few new pieces of clothing that will be easy to wash while on the move, and I've packed enough so that I won't have to be worrying about doing laundry all the time. An inventory of sorts follows:

2 t-shirts; one neutral, one black
2 longsleeves; black
2 nylon travel blouses; white and yellow
2 Dryfloa t-shirts; print
2 cotton blouses; print and fuscia

1 khaki skirt
1 pair hiking pants
2 linen pants; one gray full length, one navy capri
3 khaki pants; one green highwater, one mauve short, one green army khaki

The tops and bottoms are packed in Eagle Creek packing folders. I ironed everything well, and folded them using the folding board similar to what is used in retail stores. They will not wrinkle as much, because the clothes will not move around in the suitcase. I've found that these are much less hassle than the vacuum bags, which I used to swear by.

Other clothing:
1 silk dress: the single most expensive piece of clothing I've ever owned, but perfect for travel because of how it folds up to almost nothing and looks great
1 nylon rain jacket
1 cotton sweater
4 pairs ankle socks; three black, one white
2 scarves; 1 blue and black keffiyeh, 1 blue Indian gauze printed scarf
1 pair Merrell Siren Ventilator shoes
1 pair Birkenstock Gizeh sandals

  • 1 quart clear plastic bag filled with liquid stuff because of security; I'll buy shampoo and soap there
  • toothbrush
  • hair accoutrements
  • Tylenol PM and Advil
  • antibiotic for stupid ear infection

Maps et.al.:
Flash packing:
Inspired by this sort of article, which I read this winter, and though I concede it seems excessive, they're all essentials
  • over 7gb of SD cards and two card readers
  • Kodak EasyShare C875 digital camera
  • iPod; iTalk microphone; iPhoto connector; charger adaptors
  • Garmin eTrex Legend GPS receiver
  • Dell Axim X51v with wireless keyboard
  • Nokia 3310 Euro cellphone with SIM cards; United Mobile and TIM
  • US cellphone; this will be dead weight, but helps at the airport
  • universal plug adapter, without transformer because everything else has one already
  • tiny adjustable camera tripod
  • Energizer Lithium AA batteries
Of course, tickets and passport, euros, dollars, and pounds. One never knows.
Everything is regulation carry on, according to size rules, the TSA, and my plan. There's not a lot of extra space, but it all fits in my 24" suitcase (less than 1900 cubic inches, and it will encourage me to stay organized and also to get rid of stuff if don't need it. Even this is part of the learning experience, and I'll try to keep reevaluating it as I go.

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EmGrace said...

the spork is my favorite. you're amazing. i need to own less, in general. working on it. thanks for the inspiration. :)