28 May 2007

Live von Köln Hbf

Ahhh to be back in the land with savory meats on bread with butter for breakfast! And Mezzomix! And currywürst! I'm totally pleased with where I'm staying, it's only €30/night, breakfast included. It is right on the Rhein, plus used booksellers all along the river. It's basically an inn, or rather rooms above a restaurant, which I think is very cool. The décor of my room is also charmingly old school.

Last night was also the antique market, and I was rather shocked to see that the Deutschebank elephant banks are a collectors item. Once when my dad was exchanging money somewhere in Bavaria, I got one. Now it makes me feel kind of old to see them in an antique market!
The big thing here besides the cathedral is kolsh beer, and the famous eau de cologne that my dad uses, N° 4711.
Right now I'm waiting for the train to take me to Aachen for the day. Tscuss!

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