09 March 2007

Ponte del Diable

This was by far the coolest thing ever. I still can't believe I walked on a Roman aqueduct. When we went there, I didn't know it was possible, and it was the most amazing thing ever.

Of course, getting there was not without adventure. We got on a city bus at the market, and above is where we got dropped off. That overpass is actually the Spanish autostrada, and the road where this photo is was a divided highway. It was also noon, so we were playing "mad dogs and Englishmen" tourists. Secretly, inside, I was freaking out a little and I was glad we didn't have to wait long for the bus on the way back. However, since we were in Spain, where the people aren't as nice as Italy but the buses run on schedule, I didn't have to worry.

Evidently, this is the international sign for aqueduct.

Traveler: Don't forget that the most cultured villages
are those that treat the ancients, the sick, the trees,
and the birds with feverous respect. Don't forget, traveler!

-Mariano Puig i Valls, whose family owned the land where the aqueduct is. Now it's a public park.

This structure is, visibly, huge and awe-inspiring.
217m long, 128 arches, 27m high at its highest point.
And I touched it.

!!! I still can't believe this.

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Wade said...

Maria, I am so very jealous of you right now!

And hello again, after a long time :)