04 March 2007

Around the Cathedral

Contrary to popular belief, La Sagrada Família is not the cathedral of Barcelona.

This was some really awesome stenciling, not so much for the technique, but for it's message.
On the left, "many speak but few look" and on the right, "many look but few improvise."

I would be remiss if I did not mention that Sunday 4 March was the Marathon. Right below this façade, runners from all over Europe were passing by.

This was the end of an aqueduct into the ancient Roman town Barcino, which was to become, of course, Barcelona. It has ended up a flying buttress to a wall in part of the cathedral complex.

These next two are in the cloister of the Cathedral:

The following is a growing trend, it seems. Need money to restore your cathedral? Have it sponsored by a large multinational corporation!

I liked this gutter, it reminds me of a zephyr.

This is absolutely fundamental. These are caganers (literally, shitters), one of which are traditionally put in the creche at Christmas time. I couldn't get a good photo of the rear, but there's a little pile under the posterior.
And yes, we bought one.

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